Meatout 2013

March 20, 2013 – March 21, 2013 all-day
Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)

Meatout is the world’s largest grassroots diet education campaign. In 2013, we’re asking dedicated activists to hit the streets the week before March 20th, asking the public to pledge to eat a more compassionate diet for one day – Meatout! The 2013 goal of Meatout is to get 25,000 people to pledge to eat vegan on March 20th.

Meatout is an international observance helping individuals evolve to a wholesome, compassionate diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains. The purpose is to expose the public to the joys and benefits of a plant-based
diet, while promoting the availability and selection alternatives to meat and dairy in mainstream grocery stores, restaurants, and catering operations.

Meatout has grown explosively since its inception in 1985 to become the world’s largest annual grassroots diet education campaign. Thousands of caring people in all 50 U.S. states and a host of other countries welcome Spring with colorful educational events. These range from simple information tables, exhibits, and cooking demonstrations to elaborate receptions and festivals. Visitors are asked to “kick the meat habit on March 20 (first day of spring) and explore a wholesome, nonviolent diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Several mainstream health advocacy organizations, including the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, Johns Hopkins University, and the American Heart Association, have since launched their own campaigns to promote consumption of plant-based foods.

Meatout reflects national trends:
• Mainstream health advocacy organizations and the official government publication “Dietary Guidelines for Americans” tout plant-based foods.
• Over 30 million Americans have explored a meat-free diet.
• One in five teens thinks vegetarianism is “cool.”
• National beef and veal consumption have dropped by 25 and 70%, respectively.
• Major manufacturers and retailers are marketing meat-free and dairy-free meals.
• Several national fast food chains are offering veggie burgers and several major baseball parks are selling veggie dogs.

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