The National Rally to Protect America’s Wolves

September 7, 2013 @ 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Near the Washington Monument, National Mall
Rally for WolvesEvent website
The National Rally to Protect America’s Wolves @ Near the Washington Monument, National Mall | Washington | District of Columbia | United States

We will march together respectfully (pending approval by the National Park Service), for America’s wolves, within the National Mall. The Lincoln Memorial is at one end of the Mall and the US Capitol building is at the other end. Suggestions, for signs and positive wolf defender messages, will be posted on the website.

Our wonderful and inspirational speakers communicate to all those in attendance.

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The mission of this rally is to unite wolf and wildlife defenders from around the country and demonstrate to our nation’s leaders that a respectful and humane majority of American citizens are demanding federal protection for America’s wolves, under the Endangered Species Act, in every state throughout their historic range.

We are demanding that the unethical, cruel and unjust persecution and slaughter of wolves in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Alaska and elsewhere, be brought to an end, now and permanently. Our message is a public appeal for a better America that respects honest science and ecology, reflects the humane and ethical values of the majority, a country of decency, respect and co-existence with America’s wolves and all native wildlife in every state.

Wolves are native, ecologically vital and beautiful members of the North American landscape. Wherever they live, wolves are remarkable, natural predators that keep their prey species healthy and strong. Wolves have been persecuted and massacred for centuries, due to human ignorance, intolerance and cruelty. It is the very opposite of the respect, admiration and protection they deserve. Wolves are highly social and very intelligent beings and like all canines, they are loyal and loving to their families, their wolf pack.

Brutally persecuting and killing such ecologically vital, sensitive, intelligent and family-oriented beings should be labelled what it is: heartless animal abuse and criminal slaughter. To perpetrate such brutality and unjustified killing of wolves and other natural predators, in this modern era with our deeper knowledge and understanding of ecology and wildlife science, is pathologically and ecologically criminal.

Shame on Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Alaska. They are the primary killing fields of America’s vital and innocent wolves.

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