World Farm Animals Day

October 2, 2014 all-day
Farm Animal Rights Movement
World Farm Animals Day @ Worldwide

World Farm Animals Day, observed on October 2nd, is dedicated to exposing and memorializing the 65 billion land animals raised for food who suffer and die every year.

World Farm Animals Day (WFAD), founded in 1983, is dedicated to exposing and memorializing the needless suffering and death of cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens, and other innocent, sentient animals raised and slaughtered for food. World Farm Animals Day will continue until animals are no longer seen as commodities are raised for their flesh and by-products.

Each year, approximately 65 billion animals are killed in the world’s animal farms and slaughterhouses to produce meat, eggs, and dairy. Most of these animal are raised onfactory farms, where they are confined, mutilated, and raised to grow so large, so quickly, that many of them literally suffer to death. Even animals raised on small family farms endure many of these abuses, and all animals raised for food face a gruesome slaughter. 

WFAD observances are hosted by volunteers in communities in all 50 U.S. states and 2 dozen other countries. Participants include animal advocacy groups and individual activists — anyone and everyone who cares about animals is encouraged to join us in this global outcry.

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