International Day of Mourning for Animals in Labs

May 26, 2013 all-day
Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
(513) 575-5517

Animal experimentation kills untold millions of animals every year in the U.S. and across the world. Rats, mice, hamsters, rabbits, dogs, cats, monkeys, pigs, sheep, goats, fish, chickens, and many other animals die, often without even being counted. Their deaths pass without recognition except as statistics as part of experimental protocols.

We believe that it is time for their lives to be remembered and their deaths to be memorialized. Please join us along with activists worldwide for our fourth International Day of Mourning for Animals in Labs on Sunday May 26, 2013.

It is important for the animals, and for ourselves that we participate in this annual event. The animals MUST be remembered; we MUST give their deaths some meaning. And for those of us that are living, dealing with these millions of deaths on a daily basis — we NEED these events, too, for funerals are for the living. This event will remind all of us why we are working for the animals, and strengthen our resolve.

Please be a voice for these silent victims of animal experimentation! They deserve nothing less from us.

Remember, it is up to us to give meaning to the deaths of millions of animals. Please join us by organizing an event or attending one in your area!

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