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Featured Campaign: Save Lolita

Lolita was captured on August 8, 1970, in Penn Cove, Whidbey Island, Washington. She was one of seven young whales sold to marine parks around the world from a roundup of over 80 orcas conducted by Ted Griffin and Don Goldsberry, partners in a capture operation known as Namu, Inc. Five whales, including four baby whales, drowned during this capture. The four drowned calves had their bellies slit, were filled with rocks, and weighted with chains and anchors to keep their deaths from coming to the attention of the public. Three of the carcasses washed up on the shore of Whidbey Island on November 18, 1970. One of the orca infants captured alive was a 4-year-old named Tokitae, then sold to the Miami Seaquarium, where she was renamed ‘Lolita’ and has lived ever since — in a tank about the size of a hotel swimming pool. Lolita is the oldest living killer whale in captivity.

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